March 17, 2012

Firmware Flashing the Samsung GT-S5230 Mobile Phone

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Notes on Flashing Samsung Firmwares

Before you even think about firmware flashing you should first make sure that you mobile connects to New PC Studio (mobile came with a CD) using mobile’s PC Studio connection mode. You can change PC Connection mode by going to Settings -> Phone Settings -> PC Connections. Most cases fail cause the USB drivers are not working properly. If you’ve already installed New PC Studio and use it with your mobile then you can follow the guide.

Software you’ll need for flashing your Samsung


Backup Phonebook, SMS, Calendar and whatever else needs to be backed up because after the firmware flash everything will be lost. If you are not feeling confident do not flash your phone, remember firmware flashing is YOUR choice and if anything goes wrong you can blaim only your self, like abortions.

Remove SIM and memory card (if you have one) and Switch off your phone and press simultaneously Volume button Up (down button will do the job also) + Camera button + Power button. Keep them pressed for 4-6 seconds and the phone will switch on showing a red-blue screen with black background saying Download

Run Multiloader and in Control box select BRCM2133 if you are flashing a Samsung GT-S5230. Other options are for:

  • U900/Pixon/Tocco/S8300= MSM6275/MSM6280
  • S5230= BRC2133
  • JET= LSI6410

Select in the order the are listed these options:

  1. Boot Change
  2. Full Download
  3. Master ROM
Note: Multiloader will ask you for folders and files, all you need is under the S5230_BDIF1 folder you extracted from the firmware archive.
Multiloader v5.56 Options for flashing Samsung S5230 firmware
  1. Press Boot button and select the BOOTFILES folder
  2. Press Amss button and select the apps_compressed.bin file 
  3. Press Rsrc1 button and select the Rsrc_S5230_Open_Greece.rc1 file
  4. Press Rsrc2 button and select the Rsrc2_S5230(Low).rc2 file
  5. Press FactoryFS button and select the FactoryFs_S5230_Open_Greece_FS.ffs file
Connect your mobile to the USB and Multiloader will try to discover your mobile device. If all USB drivers of New PC Studio software were installed without errors your S5230 mobile phone will get discovered. If not, the Download button will be grey and not clickable. You can try Port Search and if it will identify the mobile Download button will be clickable again.

Press Download button and wait (less than 5-10 minutes) until all operations finish. You’ll see an All Completed message. If the phone doesn’t reboot automatically just switch it of from the power button (pressed for 4-5 seconds).

Unplug the phone, install your SIM and switch it on. You can verify the new firmware version by dialing the *#1234# code.

You can find more firmwares at this link.

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